Night Time Observations…

The ability to sleep at night is something that I have always lacked. Particularly last night, where I was still awake by 2:30 am. Looking out the window, I could see a perfectly clear sky and decided to experiment.

I have recently purchased a new camera… with the possibility of it taking good images of night skys. Taking my tripod I bought on eBay, I quietly set everything up. Then I went into the garden.

My garden scares me at night. It’s quite big and dark… plenty of place for axe murderers and escaped psychopaths to hide. I was lucky, they must have hidden somewhere else.

I’m quite proud of myself really. The first time I’ve managed to take some star images that actually worked!! And without waking up anyone else in the house! And here they are…South East View

South East again...

Looking Straight Up

Looking West

Looking up

Looking West (Colours have been enhanced)

Ok, they aren’t the best looking images in the world. But that isn’t my fault blame light pollution. At least it’s a nice purple. 🙂


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  1. Those pics are awesome!! 😀

  2. Thank You Nitos!

  3. Great photos! I love night shots, something I’ve been getting into lately.

    I’ve got a few on my blog if you want to check them out

  4. Thanks Chris! I had a look, and you have some awesome images! Graphic and photographic!

  5. Those are ‘way cool photos, but it must kinda suck about not being able to sleep well.

  6. Very nice! I have a Canon digital camera, nothing fancy, but I set up my camera on a cheap $20 tripod and took some pics of orion, and the Moon. beautiful! What camera do you have?

  7. Jannie, thanks and yeah, it is kinda annoying not sleeping, but as I’ve finished school for this year, I can survive without it.

    Michael, Thanks! I have got a new Nikon D5000, and taking pictures with it is a lot of fun. But I can also take pictures with my Canon PowerShot A620. And like you I recently picked up a cheap tripod from eBay… which makes this kind of thing a lot easier to do.

  8. It’s glad to see I’m not the only night own. Great photos! It reminds of a few I took while camping in the White Sands Monument in New Mexico. The sky was super clear and there were so many starts it was amazing.

  9. Awesome!!! Youre a natural! Please keep taking pics

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