Edinburgh International Book Festival – Interview with Ted Nield

Ted NieldYesterday evening, Ted Nield had an event based on his book “Incoming: Or Why We Should Stop Worrying And Learn To Love The Meteorite” at the Edinburgh Book Festival. It was a great event, just as good as the one in April, and he even managed to time some bangs to perfect moments of his presentation, though apparently they were fireworks from something else, but still. And he had a meteorite with him. And as Peter Guttridge said, we might all be allowed to stroke it if we went to the Bookshop afterwards!!

But today has been a brilliant day. I’ve just interviewed Ted Nield. And that was also my first ever interview, so I hope I did alright!

I had lots of questions and he had lots of answers, and we covered things from favourite rocks to geologically incorrect films to the likelihood of human survival during a meteorite strike.

But we did talk for about an hour. So it’ll take some time to actually write it up, but it was a brilliant interview (from my end anyway) and I hope to bring it to you all soon!

Ted Nield Interview


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