The Story of Physics

‘The Story of Physics’ really is a story. When I first heard about it, it sounded as though it was along the lines of a popular science book; paperback and with the author explaining aspects of physics in an almost Brian Cox-ish manner. But not this book.

Firstly, it is larger than a normal book, but not so large that it feels cumbersome in your hands. And it’s written more along the lines of an informative coffee table book, without the coffee table. Plenty of pictures illustrate what Anne Rooney has described in her text, which itself covers everything from the dawn of time to the end of the universe and back.
With a quick introduction into what physics truly is (which actually is a hard question to answer) and how it has changed over the last few thousand years, she jumps straight into it, physics in all its wonderful different shapes and sizes. From the smallest possible thing that can be measured to what holds galaxies and the universe together, and about the great scientists who discovered all of this.

Though the book doesn’t cover details of the physics which a more advanced reader might require, this book covers physics in a simple format, with clear explanations to several concepts that can be difficult to understand. This book would be perfect for any child who has a keen interest in physics and the history behind it, and also perfect for any adults who want to take a new stab at understanding the physics they may not have grasped first time around.

This is a top notch book, covering all the bases and brings physics, even some complex physics to any reader.

And sorry Anne, it didn’t really help with the university revision. But it does mean that my mother might actually understand something I tell her now!!


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  1. Ah, thought it might be a bit basic for your uni revision. But I’m glad you liked it, hope it pleases your mother – and there are some nice pictures! Thank you for a lovely review 🙂

  2. I was asked about thermodynamics yesterday. Had to admit to having forgotten what it is already. But, with the book at my elbow, it is possible to reacquaint myself with any thermo whatsits. Whenever I have to.

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