Hollow Earth

This is the brand new (or rather, just over a week old) children’s book by John and Carole Barrowman, Hollow Earth.

I was a little bit dubious when I first picked it up, as it had been written by a “celebrity” pair and I’m afraid celebrities don’t have the best track record when it comes to children’s books; but I was hooked immediately. “Ah! What’s going to happen?!” I thinking to myself, which is why I didn’t want to put it down. So sorry to my lecturer last Monday, this is why I kept yawning in your lecture, I couldn’t put it down until 2am in the morning.

So this is not a typical story. We currently live in an age full of romantic vampires, teenage spies and medieval style magic. But this has none of those. It is a whole new magical idea, one that is original. And it has been written brilliantly and grips the reader, and a fantastic cover which attracts the eye, at least my eye, doesn’t hurt either!! Hollow Earth reminds me of another series of books that I adore by Jordin Everrey, where the main character discovers a whole hidden world which she knew nothing about.

It follows twins Matt and Emily, who have some rather odd abilities. They can make images come to life. And they’ve always been able to. But now they’ve done something dangerous, they were spotted doing something incredible and now they need to run, though their mother doesn’t explain who from or why, and be protected behind the walls of an ancient monastery on a Scottish island owned by a grandfather they didn’t even know existed, and be introduced to a world they never knew existed. But is it safe?

Seriously, this has everything a good book needs. So what are you waiting for?? Go find yourself a copy!!


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  1. I suppose Hollow Earth is the other direction from the galaxy thing? Down, not up.

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