A Space Humour Filled Night @ Bright Club Manchester

I have never been to the Bright Club nights before. To be honest, I’d never even heard of it before my friend told me she was going to be taking part in one this week. And seeing as I was actually going to be in the area for once, how could I not go!

Firstly, Bright Club is not your typical comedy night. You laugh (a lot), but you do actually get taught something, without realising it. And I picked up a few new snippets during the Space-themed night, along with plenty of jokes about Uranus.

And it wasn’t just a local thing either, we had astronomers coming from all corners of the globe to be there*, to tell us amusing things about particularly big telescopes. Ok, so maybe not from all corners. But we did have someone from Germany, another from Chile and someone all the way from London; supplemented with equally entertaining talent from Manchester Uni, who at least had to cross Oxford Road safely (which can be an achievement sometimes).
They even impressed the Father, who was acting as companion/driver, and that is a triumph.

So a round of applause for Jon Pearson, Liz Guzman, Sheila Kanani, Dave Jones, Paul Woods and Evan Keane; who took us on tours of stars that fart, pointless names of planets, and on how to take a road trip through the galaxy.

And the musical talents we had were truly excellent, Taylor and the Mason, and they deserved a standing ovation!

*Ok, so the real reason why they had come all the way to Manchester was probably because of the National Astronomy Meeting, which was probably why I bumped into my Astronomy tutor from last semester. Not sure which of us was more surprised to see the other!


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