EISF 2013 – The Great Big Science Quiz

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a quiz more than The Great Big Science Quiz, which was recorded for BBC Scotland at Teviot Row House last night.

Richard Wiseman and his contestants, Hermione Cockburn, Brooke Magnanti, Susan Morrison and Matt Parker, definitely knew their stuff. Even when they just wanted to buzz first, and hadn’t even listened to the question.

The first question was; do the buzzers work? They had some technical difficulties.

The rounds included True or False, Music, What am I?, Myth Busters, Scientists and their Discoveries, and Scientific papers. Sounds like an eclectic mix, but provided some hilarious questions, and even funnier answers. There is now a large group of people in Edinburgh who know about Michael Faraday’s party essential, irrational numbers, waxing chimps, that ovine does not mean oval (it means sheep) and that quantum mechanics involves a box-based cat.

During the Scientists and their Discoveries round, where they played a clip of the scientist and described their discovery, I was surprised no one was able to guess it was Peter Higgs. Susan thought it was the “big Hadron thing that looks a bit like a Bond villain’s lair” but no one could name the scientist. Poor Higgs…

In the end, Susan Morrison won, despite her chemistry teacher saying she would never amount to anything. Well, you proved them wrong Susan. You proved them wrong!

After which she had to dash for another gig. One where she’s allowed to swear, apparently.

They had to re-take a few snippets for the radio, as a microphone failed a few times and someone swore. And then it was the audience’s turn to be quizzed with clickers. We were considered to be a fairly knowledgeable audience, or as Matt Parker said, at least three quarters of us were.

And with that, we were released, most of us with giant grins on our faces. Probably a good excuse to do it again next year!

The Great Big Science Quiz will be on BBC Radio Scotland on Friday 29th March at 1:15pm.


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