EISF 2013 – Robin Ince’s Show & Tell

It took me 15 minutes to work out how to get into the National Museum of Scotland after hours. Turns out you have to go round the back. But there was a lovely gentleman holding the door for this lost, cold blogger so we can call it even.

Robin Ince’s Show & Tell was literally that; a variety of people standing up in front of us and telling all about the thing that fascinates them. We had everything from a 3D printed skull (a Tasmanian skull) to toothpaste and the psychology behind magic. Though technically the first show and tell was Robin standing next to his photo from the program, telling us how six years of stand-up ages you, very quickly. From there we moved on to the other speakers, including Richard Wiseman – who arrived late – and Susan Morrison from my event the night before, as well as the Director of Edinburgh Zoo (who’d originally wanted to bring panda sperm but decided it was best left where it was).

Later Robin moved onto his real show and tell, which turned out to be the guitarist David MacGregor from the band ‘Kid Canaveral’ (formed in St Andrews I might add!) though sadly, God didn’t like him for a second because his guitar strap came undone right when he started to play.

Richard Wiseman's Magic Square

Richard Wiseman might have come last, but he was by no means least… He thoroughly entertained us with his magic tricks and what happens when you do slight things wrong. Then he impressed everyone – or me at least – with his ability to cook up a magic square for a randomly chosen number provided by the audience. It’s the ultimate magic square, where adding up corners, the centre box, the four corner boxes and a whole range of other means, gets you to the number 94. 25 ways to add them up in fact.



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