Interview with Dr Chris Lintott

Chris LintottAs part of the University of St Andrews School of Physics & Astronomy’s Colloquia, Dr Chris Lintott was invited to give a lecture on the ‘Zooniverse’, the online database where anyone can take part in active scientific research into practically anything; galaxies, exoplanets, whale communication, cyclone data and tonnes more.

During the actual lecture he focussed more on the Galaxy Zoo – the project on classifying different galaxies – which when it started up caused the Harvard-based server to catch fire simply because it became ‘so darn’ popular!

Here are the highlights of my own chat with Chris, which only happened after the Head of School assisted me in tracking him down… Unfortunately you can’t see quite how tall or hear quite how loud he is in real life, from reading this. Trust me; he is!


Photo © UK Space Agency


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