George and the Unbreakable Code

This is the fourth instalment of the George children’s book series written by the Hawking father and daughter team. I don’t know about you, but occasionally I find that by the time you make it to book four of a series, the magic has dwindled, the characters have become boring and you can’t wait for someone to get to the point.

That didn’t happen here. In case you’re wondering, I managed to read this in an afternoon. Or rather, had to read it in one afternoon because I had a serious case of can’t-put-it-down.George and the Unbreakable Code - Book Cover

George and Annie are on half term break, and like we can all remember from when we were at school, it could get a bit dull. Until suddenly many things start to happen in quick succession. Money being shot out of cash machines, free airplane flights, no electricity and a whole lot more, all of which seems to be based on a worldwide computer system failure. Whilst Eric has been summoned to Downing Street to help find out what on earth is going, George and Annie must work on Annie’s half term project about the chemistry of life itself, with Cosmic (the super super-computer) to help them. But Cosmic seems to be acting up and causing trouble. Very quickly, they realise that figuring out what’s going on is down to them, and only them.

Just as thrilling a book as all the ones before it, ‘George and the Unbreakable Code’ also delves deeper and covers topics and ideas that the intended readers might not normally think about. Lucy and Stephen Hawking have introduced the idea of learning disabilities, destabilisation of social order and looting. But they also brought up the concepts of strong friendships, self-sustainability and trust. Bringing all of these together has added an extra layer to the book, hopefully passing on some wisdom to the reader without them noticing.

And as with the other books, the entire adventure is inundated with fact pages about everything from Enceladus to Carbon, from wartime computing to Boltzmann Brains (not to be confused with one of the characters, Boltzmann Brian who is absolutely wonderful!). There are also the usual mini-essays written by leading scientists and pages of pictures relevant to the story. There’s even a section on keeping safe on the internet, which is always good to drum home, even when you’re old and (meant to be) wise!

Overall, a brilliant book as always brought from the fabulous Hawking duo. May they keep educating us with these intelligently written characters.

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  1. It makes a step-father extremely proud to read such a review.

  2. Hellow!! I love Stephen Hawking!! Im a fan of he!! He is an inspiration for me

  3. You are great scientist

  4. You have been demonstrated to everybody the best model ever Dr.

  5. Carole Scime

    You are a blessing & a gift to the world. I feel honored to be on your FB page. Thank you for sharing your incredible mind with us.

  6. Unconditional Love and Cultural Diversity and Awareness and RESPECT of all life, not money, power, the Rapture. Right, Daddy-O? Surfing at the Beaches of the WORLD. Give peace a chance. We Are the World. WoW One Love, one voice, can initiate change.
    Bawhahaha………To Infinity and Beyond!! 8greed. Red and Blue make Purple and this American Girl would very much appreciate calming down the worlds vibration so that we might have some peace and harmony until Have you ever heard the song, “My name is Christmas Carole”? How about “I want a Hippo. for Christmas or the Pretty little Dolly?” Bawhahaha Evil grin 8/8/2016 = 331,2,3,4,5 breaks down to lyrics, “That’s why I made you”

  7. Biggest psychopat of the world…with science he killed the world and nature. Because he never could accept his faith.

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