Helen Giles


This blog is all about Space… which therefore includes Astronomy, Physics, Geology, Chemistry and all the other different subjects based around this topic.

It also includes work from my GCSE Astronomy, which I taught myself in my free time (in roughly 4-5 months) along with all my other GCSEs.

If you’d like any help with the mentioned GCSE let me know, and if you even just have questions about space, I’m happy to help. If I can’t answer it, I’ll make sure I can direct you to someone who can.

P.S I also have another blog full of photographs… just in case you want to have a peek a that as well…Ā 

  1. Hey, thanks for the coursework tips, they where really helpful! šŸ™‚ x

  2. Good Work Helen.
    You are on my Blogroll Now.

  3. Hi Helen
    I found your “Guide to the Galaxy” fascinating. My daughter (she’s 10) is interested in stars and space etc and I’ll show her this when I get home. How did you do in your exam last year?

    • Thanks! It’s nice to know that people like my blog. Though I do keep meaning to update it! And I achieved an A last year, and considering that I studied on my own at home, I think that’s a pretty good grade!

  4. Well done for your A!! Im sitting my exam on the 18th any last minute tips would be very helpful! šŸ™‚ x

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