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Interview with Professor Frank James

Prof Frank James On Thursday 14th June, I went to the book launch at the IET of the final volume in a series entitled The Correspondence of Michael Faraday. I was also going to interview the editor of this series, Professor Frank James.

I’ve always had an unusual interest in Michael Faraday from a reasonably young age. Only because I was told I was Michael Faraday’s great great great great great niece. And that he was on the £20 note (though sadly not any more). And having recently studied a lot of Electromagnetism with many concepts and laws derived by this great man, I was extremely excited to be offered the opportunity to interview one of the foremost experts on Faraday, Professor Frank James.

So here it is, click either on this link or you can access the interview from the ‘Interviews’ tab at the top of the page.

(Photo ©  Helen Giles)