Questions & Answers for the GCSE Astronomy Text Book

These are my answers to the questions in the textbook for GCSE Astronomy, “Astronomy for GCSE” (2006) by Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott (ISBN: 0 7156 2969 7).

I have altered according to certain comments and external help, so all in all, they should be correct. If you however believe them to be wrong in any way, just contact me through the contact box at the top or by commenting on the relevant chapter.

  1. if a star has a magnatude of 2.1 and lies at a distance of 10 parsecs

    what is the absolute magnitude ?

  2. Hi Craig.

    If the star is at 10 parsecs, then the apparent magnitude and the absolute magnitude are the same, so it would be 2.1.

    I hope that clears it up for you. 🙂

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