Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Constellations! So if anything looks wrong let me know!

P.S There was a mistake in the text book for Question 2…. so I crossed it out and added my bit instead!  😀

1. Draw a map of Ursa Major, and show how it can be used to find Polaris, Cassiopeia and Arcturus.Ursa Major and nearby Stars
To find Polaris, take the side of the Ursa Major and follow upwards until you reach a bright star.
To find Cassiopeia, use the bend in the Ursa Major and go to Polaris, in the same line, carry on until you reach Cassiopeia.
To find Arcturus, use the two last stars of the Ursa Major and make a rough line downwards towards a bright star.

2. Which are the two brightest stars in Orion, and why do they look so different similar?

The two brightest stars in Orion are Rigel (Beta) and Betelgeux (Alpha). They look so similar because of the difference in distances. The brightest is Rigel, a pure white star and is 60,000 times more luminous than our Sun. Betelgeux is less luminous, but because it closer to us than Rigel, it looks as bright.

3. You are observing the stars Cancer, and find a bright object which is not on your map. What is it likely to be?
It is most likely going to be the open cluster Praesepe, or otherwise known as the Beehive.

4. Draw a map of the Orion area, putting in Aldebaran, Castor, Pollox, Procyon and Sirius.Orion and neighbouring Stars

5. What is the main constellation high in the south during autumn evenings? How would you identify it?
The constellation that is high in the southern sky during the autumn is Pegasus. It is usually identified by the bright square in the sky; the four stars make up the four corners of a square.


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