Chapter 2

These are the Q&A from Chapter 2 – Fundamentals. Chapter 1 didn’t actually have any questions.

If you find anything that looks as though it may be wrong or something I should add, drop me a comment!

1. Which is larger: the Sun or the Moon?
The Sun is larger than the Moon.

2. What is a constellation – and are the stars in any particular constellation genuinely associated with each other?
A Constellation is a collection of stars that create a picture. However, these stars have no physical connections, apart from being in our line of vision. From somewhere else in the universe, the same stars will form a different constellation.

3. What is a shooting-star?
A shooting star is a meteor that has come into our atmosphere and is burning up from the friction.

4. Define the astronomical unit.
The astronomical unit is the mean distance from the Earth to the Sun, which is around 150 million kilometres.

5. If, on a scale model, the distance between the Earth and the Sun is given as 5 cm, how far away must we put the nearest star beyond the Sun?
If the distance between the Earth and Sun is represented by 5cm, the the next closest star is 13.4 kilometres away.

6. What is a galaxy?
A galaxy is a cluster of stars, planets, comet, meteors and asteroids etc. that revolve around a central point.

7. How long does the Sun take to move right round the sky?
It takes the Sun one year to move right round the sky.Why does the Moon appear so brilliant?

8. Why does the Moon appear so brilliant?
The Moon has no light of it’s own, so it can reflect lots of the Sun’s light towards the Earth, making it look brilliantly white.

9. Explain what is meant by a light-year, and give its approximate value.
A light year is the distance that light travels within a year. It is approximately 9.46 million, million km (9460000000000 km).

10. What are the asteroids?
They are minor planets or dwarf planets, which are less than 1000 km wide. They are mostly found orbiting the Sun in between Mars and Jupiter.

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  1. Hey, thanks so much for posting all of this, it’s been really helpful!!!

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