Choosing Coursework

You need to submit two pieces of coursework. Read the Coursework Guide and decide which of the suggested pieces of coursework are feasible. Then consider which you would like to do, and which you would prefer not to do. Record your conclusions in the table below.

Red= Ruled out Options.

Orange= Possible Options.

Green= My chosen Option.

Naked eye observations

moon phases Good, this is possible.
constellation drawing Good, this is possible.
meteor shower Difficult, not in the right kind of area for any chance of seeing a Meteor Shower.
shadow stick Good, this is also possible.

Photographic, binocular and telescopic observations

lunar photography/drawings Good, this is possible.
three celestial objects Difficult. But not impossible, but perhaps not so easily done.
sunspots Difficult and hazardous if you don’t know what you’re doing.
star trails I don’t have a suitable camera, otherwise it would be good.

Graphical and computational work

star chart Good option, this is second as I still find this reasonably simple.
moon chart Best option, seems simple enough and I enjoy drawing.
star and planet simulation Not so good, it feels a little boring.
orbit simulation Interesting, and with the right help, this is possible.

Constructional work

telescope Probably not, as it would be a little hard to find
the materials.
sundial Very interesting, should I do that then I already
experience of Resistant Materials.
eclipsing binary system model Interesting, but a little complicated and I don’t
have sufficient materials.
earth-moon-sun system model Good, but I would have to find assistance from
someone with knowledge about generating
electrical models.

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